Because of the alcoholism of her 1st husband the marriage is heading for a breakdown. In the meantime she meets Claude Bourillot, a sports car driver and later Chargé de Mission under president Alain Poher after General de Gaulle retired in 1969. They get married in 1968. In 1973 they leave for the States but only a few years later Michèle returns: alone, heartbroken and ruined.
They share a passion for racing

The weddingday

On the stairs of City Hall

Exchanging of the rings

1968: Premiere of the movie Shalako

1970: In Turkey, during the shooting of "Les Baroudeurs"

1970: Cannes filmfestival

1970: Premiere of the movie Waterloo

1971: Premiere of the movie Nicolas and Alexandra

1972: Gala "Le Parrain"
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