Angélique et le Sultan
Michèle Mercier
Robert Hossein
Christian Rode
Pasquale Martino
Roger Pigaut
Ettore Manni
Bruno Dietrich
Mino Doro
  Angélique de Peyrac
Joffrey de Peyrac
Le Duc de Vivonne
Le Marquis d'Escrainville
Auction director
After saving his ship, Joffrey pursuits d'Escrainville over the waters of the Mediteranean sea. They capture the ship, but Angélique is not on board. d'Escrainville sold her in Algiers to Mezzo-Morte who wants her for the harem of the king of Mikenez. Joffrey leaves d'Escrainville tied to his ship and plans to rescue Angélique. He pretends to be shipwrecked so he can enter the Muslim city. In the mean time Angélique is in the harem of the king of Mikenez. She rebels against the instructions of Osman Ferradji, master of the harem. He wants to introduce her to the king but she refuses. Then one day she accidentally reveals herself to the king. The king is charmed by her and orders her to his chambers. When she is there she refuses him and tries to kill him. He orders her to be whipped. The favorite wife of the king is jealous and tries to kill her, but she is saved by Colin Paturel who is fleeing and wants to take her with him. At the same time Joffrey is trying to buy her free from the king by telling him the secret how to turn lead into gold. When they return in the palace the discover that Angélique has flown. The king executes Osman Ferradji and sends out a search party for her. In the desert Colin Paturel declares her his love and promises her he will kill her so she won't fall in the king's hands again. But before he can do this he is shot by the soldiers of the king. Angélique faints only to wake up in the arms of ...... Joffrey, who whispers her name lovingly.

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