Angélique et le Roy
Michèle Mercier
Jacques Toja
Jean Rochefort
Robert Hossein
Sami Frey
Estella Blain
Fred Williams
Pasquale Martino
René Lefèvre
Michel Galabru
Angélique de Plessis-Bellières
Louis XIV
François Desgrez
Joffrey de Peyrac
Bachtiary Bey
De Montespan
After her 2nd husband is killed in action, Angélique is called on by the king. He wants her to go on a diplomatic mission. If she agrees "Hôtel de Beautreillis", once owned by Joffrey, will be hers. She has to persuade Bachtiary-Bey to sign an important treaty. This is not without danger and she finds herself his prisoner. She is rescued by prince Ràkóczi, heir to the throne of Hongary. Bachtiary-Bey is willing to sign the treaty, but he wants a gift: Angélique. He is told this is impossible, because she is the favourite of the king. 'La Montespan' the real favourite of the king now hates Angélique and she has to fear her live. The king wants her to be his mistress, but she refuses because she still loves Joffrey and she can't forget him. The king then tells her that Jeoffrey wasn't killed at the stake, he was rescued but he drowned trying to escape. Angélique is devastated asks to retire. At home there is an attempt to kill her by a poisoned nightgown. Together with Barcarolle she secretly goes to a black masse. Here she discovers that 'La Montespan' is behind the attack on her. Another attempt to kill her is made but fortunately she is rescued by ... Joffrey. She sees him but he runs away and leaves her. Angélique is desperate but pulls herself together and together with Savary she follows him to the south of France.

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