The casting of Angélique

In 1963 they decided to make a movie of that great saga "Angélique, marquise des Anges". Many actresses of that time were approached to play the role of Angélique. An absolute favorite of the producer Francis Cosne was Brigitte Bardot, but she refused. Then Annette Stroyberg was considered next, but she wasn't famous enough. Catherine Deneuve was too pale. Jane Fonda had a strong american accent. Virna Lisi was busy in Hollywood. They also considered Marina Vlady (who was once married to Robert Hossein). She was close to signing the contract but was eventually defeated by Michèle Mercier who won the role after auditioning for the part.

In the background you can hear Bernard Borderie (the director) commenting on Michèle Mercier.

A very big thanks to Juliette for giving me this precious item and for allowing me to use it on my website. Thank you, you're the best.

Pictures from the casting

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