Indomptable Angélique

Searching for Joffrey
In Holland this is the cover of the book
'Angélique et le nouveau monde'.
As you can see Savary is not sitting next to her.

With Bernard Borderie
This scene was not in the film


With Coriano (Bruno Dietrich) and the Marquis d'Escrainville
(Roger Pigaut)
With Marquis d'Escrainville
(Roger Pigaut)
A moment of fun between Michèle and Robert

This could be a scene from the movie if she
didn't have a pack of sigarettes in her hand.
Joffrey (Robert Hossein) and Jason (Ettore Manni), just fooling around
In the streets of Kandia

Taking a stroll before being sold
at the slave market

Reunited with Joffrey
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